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Recurring bad breath has many causes, and the problems are often best addressed by a professional. Our team will work to help you overcome your halitosis so that you can speak and smile with confidence.

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Halitosis, or chronic bad breath, is a problem faced by many people. It is typically the result of harmful, odor-causing bacteria that have been left trapped in the mouth for an extended period of time. Not only can this cause one’s oral health to deteriorate, it can also lead to the embarrassment of being known for having unpleasant breath. The key when dealing with halitosis is to treat the root cause of the problem and eliminate the actual cause of the bad breath. That way, the problem will not reoccur, and the person can feel confident once again.

The most common locations for odor-causing oral bacteria include on the tongue, between the teeth and below the gum-line. It’s no coincidence that these are some of the hardest places to reach and some of the most overlooked spots when brushing and flossing. An individual must take the extra time and care to ensure that these places are thoroughly cleaned regularly. If they are not, unwanted bacteria will accumulate and lead to unpleasant odors. This is a much more effective solution than gums, mints and mouth rinses which only mask the problem and cover-up the smell. Once the cover-up wears off, the chronic smell will undoubtedly return. Only addressing the true cause of bad breath will solve the issue.

Sango Family Dentistry offers all the resources a patient needs to overcome chronic halitosis. The process usually starts with a regular checkup. Each of these visits includes professional cleaning which is designed to reach deeper areas than what is accessible with at-home brushing and flossing. This is perfect for eliminating any excessive buildups or bacteria that may be causing unpleasant odors. A patient should make one of these visits at least once every six months. This gives our hygienists an opportunity to provide a thorough cleaning.

Many cases of halitosis are the result of periodontitis, also commonly referred to as gum disease. With periodontitis, odor-causing bacteria becomes trapped beneath the gum line, and it will present serious oral health problems over time. It is very important that the patient receives a deep cleaning to remove the harmful matter and restore the health of their gums. Doing this will also often eliminate the bad breath caused by the odor-causing bacteria. Early cases of periodontitis can be addressed with a non-surgical scaling and root planing procedure.

Once the problem has been addressed, the patient must take careful steps to prevent the issue from recurring. This includes maintaining proper oral hygiene habits by making sure to brush and floss every single day. If necessary, our hygienists will provide a quick review of brushing and flossing techniques to ensure that patients are cleaning their teeth and gums as effectively as possible. Patients should also always remember to visit Sango Family Dentistry at least twice per year for a regular checkup, as this is the best way to achieve a total cleaning.

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Review from Stephanie S.
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Stephanie S.

Just Wow! What an awesome friendly staff! They were all so kind and easy to talk to on the first visit. The office is decorated nicely and they have lots of machines I've never seen before which is nice to see a place trying to stay up to date with technology. And they have TVs which is a bonus. It's refreshing to see an entire staff with a positive attitude.
Review from Patricia W.
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Patricia W.

Sango Family Dentistry is by far the best experience I have had when having dental work done. From the greeting at the front desk to the completion of the work, everyone was helpful and pleasant. The doctor was gentle when he was working on my teeth, and even checked on me later that evening to make sure I was okay. Highly recommend!
Review from Brad C.
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Brad C.

Sango Family Dentistry is awesome.... simply put. Went in to get a bridge today and was in the chair for 2 hours. Dr. Troung and Grace were excellent! They treated me with respect and patience and made sure I was completely comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of dental work.
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