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Dentures provide an effective solution for patients suffering from tooth loss. With our high-quality dentures, you will be able to chew food normally and smile with confidence.

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Tooth loss is a serious problem that impacts many lives. The issue can be the result of injury, declining oral health, or even just poor genetics. When tooth loss does occur, it is very important that the individual receives an effective replacement option. Dentures can be provided for more severe cases of tooth loss, in which a person must replace a complete top or bottom row of missing teeth. These devices consist of prosthetic teeth that are held in place by a gum-colored base. When worn, dentures provide the total appearance and function of a complete set of healthy teeth.

At Sango Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing patients with top-quality dentures that use the finest materials available. Our dentures look remarkably natural and function well. Our practice offers fixed dentures, denture stabilization and traditional dentures. We are happy to provide consultation services to help patients determine the best dentures for their particular needs. Once we have decided on the dentures to use, we will start working with the patient to provide them with an effective tooth replacement option as quickly as possible.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that are supported by a gum-colored base. They allow a person suffering from tooth loss to achieve the appearance and function of healthy teeth. We take great pride in providing patients with the best dentures possible to treat tooth loss.

How can dentures help?

The biggest advantages of using dentures are that they restore the look of a person’s smile, and they allow a person to chew food effectively and speak clearly. Dentures can also help prevent many problems associated with tooth loss, including unwanted tooth shifts, facial structure loss, jawbone deterioration and bite imbalances.

What are fixed dentures?

Fixed dentures are permanently secured using dental implants that are inserted into the jawbone. Once they have been installed, fixed dentures can’t be removed unless oral surgery is provided. Fixed dentures feel remarkably natural and are almost indistinguishable from one’s original teeth.

What is denture stabilization?

Denture stabilization refers to the practice of using permanently installed dental implants to support and stabilize a set of removable dentures. This way, the dentures will receive strong support from dental implants, while also being removable for easy cleaning.

What are traditional dentures?

Traditional dentures consist of a tooth-replacement option that does not utilize dental implants to remain securely in place. Instead, these dentures grip tightly around the dental arch and any remaining jawbone, and they use principles of suction to keep steady when in use. The advantage of traditional dentures is that no oral surgery is needed to use them, which is desirable for many patients.

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Review from Stephanie S.
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five-star review

Stephanie S.

Just Wow! What an awesome friendly staff! They were all so kind and easy to talk to on the first visit. The office is decorated nicely and they have lots of machines I've never seen before which is nice to see a place trying to stay up to date with technology. And they have TVs which is a bonus. It's refreshing to see an entire staff with a positive attitude.
Review from Patricia W.
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five-star review

Patricia W.

Sango Family Dentistry is by far the best experience I have had when having dental work done. From the greeting at the front desk to the completion of the work, everyone was helpful and pleasant. The doctor was gentle when he was working on my teeth, and even checked on me later that evening to make sure I was okay. Highly recommend!
Review from Brad C.
five-star review

Brad C.

Sango Family Dentistry is awesome.... simply put. Went in to get a bridge today and was in the chair for 2 hours. Dr. Troung and Grace were excellent! They treated me with respect and patience and made sure I was completely comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of dental work.
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