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Teeth whitening is highly preferred nowadays as it promises patients’ outstanding results in improving the look of their smiles. Since everyone desires to get the smile they have always dreamed of, many people are easily enticed of this promise. Various companies took advantage of the popularity and high-demand of teeth whitening, so they also released products that can be easily purchased and used at home.

Scanning through the oral health care section of a store can make one realize the number of teeth whitening products available. Due to this, deciding on the best one to use can be quite hard. Over the counter (OTC) products come in different forms: toothpaste, creams, gels, and kits. People even go the distance by creating DIY hacks using items like banana peels, activated charcoal, and even turmeric. However, despite the lesser cost and convenience that these products offer, we at Sango Family Dentistry discourage their use. Instead, we encourage patients to invest in professional teeth whitening treatments. Curious why in-office options are better than OTC products that can be used at home? Continue reading!

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Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Always the Better Option

Better quality

Although store-bought products boast of their affordability, know that it also indicates lesser quality. Compared to in-office whitening, these products contain a lower concentration of whitening agents due to the guideline laid out for consumer safety. On the other hand, professional whitening can use a higher amount of primary agents to whiten the teeth effectively.

Safety is guaranteed

Despite the higher whitening concentration, patients are assured that during the treatment, the dentist keeps their safety in mind. Measures are taken beforehand by shielding the gums and other tissues from exposure to hydrogen peroxide that can cause discomfort.

Helps deal with sensitivity

It is normal for people to feel sensitivity after a whitening session; however, those who use OTC products can experience the discomfort longer. With professional whitening, patients are assured that the dentist will provide a desensitizing gel or paste to help subside the sensitivity of the teeth faster.


Professional teeth whitening may cost more than store-bought products but do know that patients can save in the long run. The repeated purchase and use of OTC products to get the desired results diminishes the affordability it promises. In-office treatments can provide visible results in just one session!

Do not settle for less! Choose the professional approach where results, safety, comfort, and convenience are achieved!

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