How to Stay Comfortable During and After Wisdom Tooth Removal in Clarksville, TN

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Extracting a tooth or two is the last thing that every dentist would want to perform. As what everybody knows, dental professionals are always determined to preserve the natural teeth of patients. But some instances can trigger the person’s need for extraction. For example, an infection in a tooth and overcrowding may require a tooth removal procedure. However, the most common reason for extraction is wisdom tooth impaction.

Woman with a painful tooth

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars. These are the set of teeth that usually comes out in the age (17-24) when a person matures. The emergence of wisdom teeth can either be a blessing or a curse. When they appear in the mouth appropriately, these molars are useful in the eating and chewing function of a person. In most cases, however, they became impacted, resulting in extreme pain and discomfort. If you have problems with your wisdom teeth, call us right away at Sango Family Dentistry.

During the removal of the wisdom tooth, our dentist will allow patients to choose from the different sedation options that we have. Sedatives are effective in calming the person during the procedure. Moreover, here are some other tips for a more comfortable wisdom tooth removal experience.

Bring a friend or family member

Asking someone to accompany you at the dental clinic will not just soothe your fear and anxiety, but they will also be of big help to drive you home after the procedure.

Control the bleeding with a gauze

After the procedure, bleeding on the extraction site is expected. Remember not to remove or disturb the gauze provided by the dentist.

Secure the blood clot

The formation of blood clot plays a vital role during the recovery period. Be sure not to disrupt the clot. Do not smoke, use a straw when drinking, and eat on the treated site until it fully heals.

Consider taking antibiotics

If the dentist prescribes antibiotic medicine, it is a priority to comply with it as directed to avoid any infections.

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