Six Months Braces

Six Month Smiles – A Cosmetic Braces System

Have you been thinking about getting braces to straighten your teeth? Did your teeth grow in crooked, overlapped, or with spaces between them? Then you might be an excellent candidate for the revolutionary Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces system. At Sango Family Dentistry, Dr. Robert Galbraith offers these virtually invisible braces. Utilizing clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, Six Month Smiles are one of the most effective braces options, especially if you are concerned about other people knowing about and commenting on the fact that you're wearing braces. In fact, if that is an issue, you can rest assured knowing that other's won't be able to see your braces and won't have a clue that you're going through orthodontic treatment, unless you decide to tell them about it.

Benefits of the Six Month Smiles

There are many benefits to the Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces system, including:

  • The average treatment time – that is, the length of time that you'll be wearing your braces – is about six months. That means in just half a year, you too can have straight, perfect teeth!

  • With the Six Month Smiles' clear brackets andthe tooth colored wires, no one will need to know that you're wearing braces unless, of course, you choose to share that information.

  • Braces are still the most effective means of straightening your teeth, and with the Six Month Smiles program, you will achieve your desired results.

  • Not only is the Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces system effective, it's also usually more affordable than regular braces or other common treatments to straighten your teeth.

Six Month Smiles, in Clarksville

If you're interested in the Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces system, and you live in Clarksville or one of the neighboring communities, call Sango Family Dentistry and make an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Galbraith. You'll have a thorough exam and Dr. Galbraith
will review your need for braces to straighten your teeth and improve your natural smile. He'll take the time to discuss with you your teeth straightening options and answer all of your questions.

If you're found to be a good candidate for the Six Months Smiles program, Dr. Galbraith will make all of the arrangements and get you started on your way to a lovely, straight smile. Soon – in just six months – you can have straight teeth! Call for your appointment, today.

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